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There is beauty in the everyday - and versatility.


A short zine looking at household objects we overlook, and how they can be re-contextualised with a new purpose, however silly it may seem.

This is a lighthearted zine about making the most out of what you have, when you have very little.

Debut at the Glasgow Zine Fest 2021.

'She smiled and replied, "you don't know what you're missing".'

A home printed zine with illustrated imagery from the traditional folk song, Hares on the Mountain (also known as Blackbirds and Thrushes, Nancy Lay Sleeping, Knife in the Window, Shepherd So Bold) inspired specifically by the Lankum version of this song.

A short A6 zine, home printed on high quality matte paper in atmospheric blacks and greys, with imagery to suit the words.

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