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Sea Glass Jewellery

Ongoing Series, 2020-

These pieces are crafted simply but elegantly with Yorkshire sea glass, and metal wiring work including gold, silver, steel and copper.


The North Sea coast around Flamborough Head offers up a trove of jetsam and flotsam, occasionally humble things of beauty can be found among the seaweed and on the sand. The waves hew and polish pieces of discarded glass into Holocene jewels of white, green, and blue.


When out looking for new scenes to illustrate, my eye is caught by these quiet gems among the shingle.I crafted them with simple but high quality wire and fittings, the colour and light of the glass the source of their beauty.  The gentle delicate nature of these bits of jewellery I make I find very interesting in comparison with their quite harsh beginnings, from the powerful rumbling of the sea and the high melting points necessary to forge and work with some metals.

Due to the recycled nature of the sea glass, the glass in earring pairs will not be exactly the same size and shape, but I pair them carefully so they are as evenly matched as possible. The handmade nature of them makes them very delicate, and they are individual pieces which I made in ode to where they are from - they are a product of the North sea and it's wild chaos and beauty. 

Each piece is living art, and is available to buy here.

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