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 Land Identity

MA research project, 2020 -

A project developed during my masters course at Edinburgh College of art, this explores variations of modern Celtic identities and my experience of such. It has thus far developed into illustrating simple moments, and odes to the everyday - this is what identity means to me; a value placed on the fragments which make our everyday existence


This developed further into more abstract studies of traditional portraits and representations, which has led to a trickle-off project about Rituals. Land identity is close studies of places and landscapes in a respectful manner, which I am now abstracting into collage, using harsh lines and tears of modern pattern and design using contrasting forms as representation of a modern context to traditional Celtic identity. 

These include studies of objects and black and white photographs from Irish database websites and objects which surround me at home which act as a statement of identity and expression, such as St Brigids crosses, foliage from the garden to mark midsummer. 

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