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Fish Bones


An interest in watching people who work with their coastal landscape, and in some cases, are at one with them. The human and the mechanical equivalent of the seabirds which have adapted to their surroundings, people have built livelihoods and structures surrounding the coast. 
Where I am living was once a Victorian seaside town, but now has a strange air to it – it’s run down, but the council is pushing a cheap seaside idea. There was an ice cream war at one point on the sea front, at the mercy of tourists, to see which business could sell ice cream the cheapest. All of it is cheap and, rather than cheerful, plastic, and run down.

The council is fulfilling a prophecy of a run down seaside town like Blackpool or the likes, ignoring the integral history of this place which is hidden by them – stories of tunnels, the roman road, the asteroid that hit not 50 miles away and was found by locals. It is a willingly overlooked wonder of history and oddities which I wish to capture in a zine format, and so these drawings are focuses on the small details of the everyday here which are so easily overlooked amongst the large, glaring signs for amusements, and fish and chips.


There are a lot of minute details in this area which are overlooked, even by locals. I wish to reshape the image of the town into something new.

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