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This series is very personal and something I am very keen to make feel right. Dependant alarm refers to the pendant alarm given to disabled people by their local councils which is supposed to offer comfort – however it is a cold object, which is intended to be used for the person to wear, almost like jewellery. I became the dependant alarm for my loved one while she was at her worst with physical disability. The red and blue of these pages indicate the home, and the outside, as throughout all of this any external input was minimal, and often caused more problems, hence the fractious anxiety of the lines.

The intention of this series is of catharsis and a working through of quite a difficult period of my life and my mother’s. There is very little information or support available on a public domain for child carers, as is the focus of this zine, they’re left to their own devices until the last possible seconds when intervention is utterly necessary between life and death.


I’m making this work to come to terms with the past and create a document of the experience, so it does not remain a forgotten moment in time that’s scratched out of my life, and for home care to not be overlooked and ignored yet again. The intention of this is acknowledgement, I have no claims of grandeur to fix the care system – but just acknowledgement of the trauma and suffering on a daily basis home care entails.

The full set of embroideries can be seen in my Dependant Alarm embroidered zine.

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